There is a world where good mental health for teens and social media use can exist together.

Social media use is undermining our child’s mental health. Take action now.

The negative impact of social media on children goes without a question. But do you know how likely it is for your child to fall prey to a specific mental illness like depression or an eating disorder? It is more common than you think but it can be prevented. Mental health professionals at Aware have developed a way to determine these propensities based on your child’s social media use and advise you on how to take actions before the illness fully forms.

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Social media and mental health

Unlock the story your child’s online life tells

The Aware Method

Consultation (1hr):  Licensed therapist will discuss the specific circumstances of your child.
Analysis:  We will examine your child’s social media activities in detail using Aware’s proprietary method.
Report & Action:  You will receive a full report, which contains risk assessments as below.

Personality Insights

Defining moments
Get a memory timeline of the moments shaping your child. 

Mood profile
Learn about mood swings and triggers.

Attention profile
Understand social needs and satisfaction levels.
Risk Factors

Body image
Learn about factors like media originality that play a role in body image.

Get detailed analysis of factors in language and media content that influence depression.

Understand risk factors in language use that can predict isolation.

Aware Method Pioneers

Wilfred Krenn
LPC, Mental Health

Mr. Krenn is a licensed professional counselor with over a decade of experience in supporting families. He also has experience in designing human-centric health technology. Mr. Krenn routinely counsels parents on social and emotional health challenges faced by kids. 

He lives In St. Louis with his wife and 4 teen/pre-teen kids.
Param Kulkarni 
PhD, Technology

Dr. Kulkarni is an experienced researcher and innovator in building technology to improve mental health. His work has been published in journals like Nature and is commonly discussed in press. He was awarded a Fellowship by Cornell to build Aware.

He lives in New York. His hobbies include playing sitar and hiking. 
Some technology platforms can actually help your teen's mental health
It's a powerful approach for teens who can improve without one-on-one therapy.
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Applying HIPAA would help Facebook transform mental health for good
The rich online behavior data present on platforms like Facebook can be used to predict
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$20 / mo

Consultation and Report Package*

Understand existing needs and concerns.
Detailed analysis of social media use.
Report & Actions
Updated monthly report and expert suggestions.
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*We offer discounted prices for families experiencing financial difficulties. Mention it when you reach out if you think you qualify.

We give you the insights from your data.

Social media companies have exploited user data for profit at the cost of mental health harm to your child. We are not affiliated in any way with social media companies. We believe that users should be primary stakeholders of their data. That is why we give you all the insights from your data.

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