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Mental health and inclusion

Join us for an Ask Me Anything style discussion with Stephanie Huges, lawyer and mental health advocate.

We will talk about how mental health is an D&I issue. Stephanie will also discuss about how mental health disparities might be inherent in workplace mental health initiatives and ways to overcome them.

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Developing a growth mindset: Healthy ways to challenge your mind

Join us for an Ask Me Anything style discussion with Lauren Cohen, lawyer and certified coach on the topic: Developing a growth mindset: Healthy ways to challenge your mind.

We will talk about growth mindset versus fixed mindset and techniques that can be used to activate a growth mindset. 
Lauren will also discuss the impact of growth mindset on successful leadership. 

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Previous Events:

Thursday, July 9th, 12 PM ET

Strategies for Empathetic Communication: How to Reduce Stress and Improve Relationships in the Workplace

Elise will explain what empathetic communication is and how it can be used to reduce stress at the workplace. She will also provide specific techniques that can easily be used by individuals and teams.

Elise is a lawyer, certified professional coach and the founder of The Lawyer’s Edge. She is a certified Legacy Leadership® Professional Facilitator and a TypeCoach Certified Professional.  In addition to providing individual business development and leadership coaching, Elise leads seminars, interactive workshops, and group coaching sessions for law firms.

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Thursday, June 25th, 12 PM ET

How can positive psychology help us realign with the new normal?

Anne Brafford is a lawyer, author, and positive psychology expert. Anne will talk about how the science of positive psychology can be applied to upregulate positive emotions and to improve mental health especially during challenging times. 
She will provide a practical overview of different positive psychology practices. Attendees will be provided a worksheet that can be used for receiving continued benefit after the webinar.

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Thursday, June 11th, 12 PM ET

Mindfulness strategies for thriving in the new normal

Jeff is a lawyer, mindfulness teacher, and coach. Jeff will talk about the basics of mindfulness as well as benefits of mindfulness for mental well-being.

He will also provide advice and tips for easily integrating mindfulness into day-to-day routines to ease our transition to the new normal.

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Thursday, May 28th, 6PM ET

How can Fighting Mental Health Stigma Accelerate our Recovery from COVID?  

Mitul Desai is lawyer and mental health advocate. Mitul will talk about how mental health stigma has affected us during the fight with COVID as well as make us aware of the rise in mental health challenges that one may expect to see post-COVID.
Mitul will also discuss ways in which we can overcome mental health stigma to come out as stronger individuals post-COVID including methods that can be incorporated in the workplace to build a stigma-free work-environment.

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Thursday, May 14th, 12 PM ET

Leadership during Crisis: The Power of Empathy and Self-awareness

Domenic Cervoni is a senior legal counsel at HSBC, mental health advocate, and author. Domenic will talk about lessons learned from leading and managing teams during the pandemic and how we can translate them to creating healthy leadership for the future.
Domeinc will also provide advice and tips for teams to foster an empathetic work culture. He will discuss how this affects team member’s mental well-being as well as productivity. 

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Thursday, April 30th, 6 PM ET

Building Resilience during Challenging Times

Jonathan Beitner is a lawyer and certified coach. Jonathan will talk about ways for being motivated to maintain self-care and resilience building activities during challenging times. He will share strategies and tools that can work while indoors. 
Jonathan will also share tools which can be practiced with family and friends virtually to build resilience for the community.

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Thursday, April 23rd, 6 PM ET

A Therapist’s Advice on Coping with Isolation

Chelsy Castro, a lawyer turned psychotherapist is the CEO and Founder of Castro Jacobs Psychotherapy and Consulting (CJPC), a firm specializing in lawyer well-being. Join us for a deep dive with Chelsy to understand how isolation can affect mental health in the short and long term. Chelsy will share evidence-based tips to counter the negative effects of isolation and about managing therapy during isolation.

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Thursday, April 16th, 6 PM ET

Isolation and Attorney Mental Health

Lisa is a recovery advocate, writer, speaker, podcast host, and lawyer. Join us to get Lisa’s advice to law professionals and students on how to form healthy habits during social isolation.

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Thursday, April 9th, 6 PM ET

Creating a Compassionate Community while being 6 Feet Apart

Brian Cuban is an attorney, author, and addiction recovery advocate. Join us to learn about Brian’s story and his advice on how we create a compassionate community much needed during social distancing.

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