Well-being advice for LGBT legal professionals

Eric is the executive director of LeGaL - a New York based organization dedicated to promoting equality for LGBT-identified people, and a long time advocate of LGBT rights. On this podcast he talks about how LeGaL is committed to serving the broader LGBT community and promoting diversity in the legal profession. Eric also talks about challenges faced by law students and legal professionals who identify as LGBT and about resources to maintain and improve their well-being. He shares resources by which LGBT law students and professionals can find community.

What you need to know about mental well-being as a law student

Ali talks about how law school creates significant challenges for mental health. She mentions how the suffering of law professionals could be translated to the public if mental health challenges are not sufficiently addressed. She provides advice to students as they prepare for a new year at law school and talks about the need to expand the conversation about mental health to reach a larger audience by creating a learning environment. Finally she discusses the importance of building a peer support structure. Ali is a 3L at University of California Irvine School of Law and a mental health advocate.

Increasing mental health awareness: The power of sharing your story

Mark Goldstein talks about speaking up about his own mental health struggles during the height of his career. Mark walks through his story and how meeting other people in the legal profession with similar issues felt him at ease. He gives advice to other people that might be having mental health struggles while working a demanding job about how to seek help in time. He talks about creative ideas for intertwining the wellness component into work life. Mark is a member of Law.com's mental health advisory board. He is also a Partner in the New York Office of Reed Smith and member of the firm's labor and employment group.

Maintaining your mental well-being while raising a family

Stephanie Hughes talks with us about her struggle with depression as a lawyer and a single mom. She also talks about how access to a support structure can help reduce mental health stigma and improve mental well-being. Stephanie is a recovery advocate, writer, speaker and lawyer. She is also a contributing writer at Huffpost.

Becoming your own best caretaker for mental health

Domenic Cervoni talks with us about his interest in mental health sparked by his wife's diagnosis with a rare health condition. He talks about how a firm’s leadership can get involved with employee well-being. He also talks about his book "From tragedy to triumph" and how he was able to take care of himself during a very challenging time in his life. Domenic is an in-house attorney at HSBC. Prior to joining the bank in 2013, Domenic was an associate at Mayer Brown for six years.

Importance of community for maintaining mental well-being

Brian Cuban talks with us about his mental well-being struggles from law school to adulthood. He explains the importance of having a relatable community of your own to maintain mental well-being. Brian, the younger brother of Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban, is a Dallas based attorney, author and addiction recovery advocate. Brian has been in long term recovery from alcohol, cocaine, and bulimia since April of 2007.

What you need to know about mental well-being as a lawyer

Jonthan Bietner talks with us about his published articles on the importance of using evidence based well-being practices. He also talks about what he wishes he knew about well-being when starting out as a lawyer. Jonathan is the co-creator of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) well-being pledge and has taken a leadership role in attorney well-being at the city, state and national level. Jonathan previously practiced as a commercial litigator Jenner and Block LLP.

Breaking the stigma of addiction

Lisa Smith talks with us about her struggle with addiction. She also gives advice to other people that are struggling with addiction. Lisa is the author of a "Girl walks out of a bar" her memoir of high function addiction and recovery in New York City corporate law. Lisa worked as an associate at Sherman and Sterling and Paterson Belknap as director of client relations.